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Photo Credit: Jim Leedom Tagged and released striped bass. Block Island, Rhode Island
A  Cast in the Woods

A Cast in the Woods: A Story of Fly Fishing, Fracking, and Floods in the Heart of Trout Country

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"New York State's ban on fracking was one of the great triumphs of modern environmentalism, and behind it lay a thousand individual stories of resistance. None has been better told than this one, by a worthy Catskills heir to the literary tradition of John Burroughs and a man who has earned his fishing." —Bill McKibben author, Radio Free Vermont
"It's one thing to experience a river, and another level entirely to feel connected to a river. For the connected angler, the water is sacred… lifeblood for the soul, worth defending at all costs. A Cast in the Woods is an eloquent, honest, and beautifully written book that cuts to the conscience, and pays homage to a tiny, yet magnificent, stream that weaves into one of the most storied (yet fragile) river systems on the planet." —Kirk Deeter Vice President/Editor-in-Chief, Trout Unlimited/TROUT magazine

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Upriver and Downstream
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Fish On, Fish Off
Buy Now "These travels with a fishing rod reveal a whole new dimension to the world. And even when the underwater residents are not cooperating, there is always a tale to be reeled in." —Jeremy Wade host, River Monsters


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Ever since he saw his older brother lose an enormous summer flounder off a dock at the New Jersey Shore when he was 12 years old, Stephen Sautner has been trying to catch fish. Any fish. This has led him to the Falkland Islands where he cast for sea trout next to an active mine field, to the Zambezi River where three-ton elephants guarded pools filled with tigerfish and Nile crocodiles. His stories have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel, Angler's Journal, Outdoor Life, and Underwater Naturalist.
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